This is an archive of the Videos that I have created. They will be under three sections. Battle Reports, Skills and Equipment, and Painted Miniatures. Each week I release at least one video in these categories. I record them on Monday nights at Fate and Fury Games.

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Battle Reports

Transmission Matrix: JSA v Corregidor

Deadly Dance: JSA V Onyx Force

Skills and Equipment

Skills and Equipment EP 1

Skills and Equipment EP 2

Skills and Equipment: Fireteams

Skills and Equipment: Fireteams Part 2

Skills and Equipment: Fireteams Part 3

Infinity Skills: Suppressive Fire

Infinity Skills: Suppressive Fire part 2

Infinity Skills: Sensor

Painted Miniatures

Painted Miniatures: Domaru Butai

Painted Miniatures: Episode 1 JSA


Fat Yuan Yuan

Miniature Painting Basics

The Base Coat

Paint Consistency

Essential Paint Tools

Priming Miniatures

Miniature Preparation