Yojimbo Painting 9

This format is different than what I’ve previously done. I am going to be adding a progression of my work throughout until it becomes one long post with all the steps from start to finish.

I have moved onto painting the dismounted model and rider. I have also decided to do these a little different than I was previously doing. I took a few more pictures along the way and I will explain what I was working on. You will see more pictures and more explanation of what I was doing along the way. You can find the finished bike here.

2017-04-14 21.35.16

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Yojimbo Painting Part 2

2017-03-07 21.50.48

Futuristic Samurai and Ninjas are so cool. The reason I chose the Japanese Sectorial Army as my thirst army was purely and aesthetic one. Now that I’ve gotten some of the line troops painted I wanted to move onto a few of the troops that look really good. Yojimbo looks awesome. I am excited to paint him. It will be a long process to get through his bike his standing miniature and his seated one, but It will look very cool when its all done. Click read more to see my current progress on him.  Continue reading