Domaru Butai Review Part 2

This week I am on part 2 of the Domaru Butai Review. You can find part 1 here. On this review I will go over a few lists and some good synergies with other soldiers.


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Engineering Deck: Bahram v Yu Jing

The Muttawi’ah’s crimson blood dripped down his uniform staining it in one large circle at his abdomen. A new hole bore deep into his chest. The Tokusetsu doc across the table took out his only. The shot barely glimpsed past the Fanous remote the Mutt dodged around. Two choices lay before him. Lay down and hope for a medic, or push on and die in a blaze of bullets. The team needed him now. Their objective lay obstructed by locked doors, mines, and suppressive fire. An idea scenario for a Dogged Mutt to tackle.

The Barid hacker used the program lock picker to open one of the four doors. Quick work and a sidestep opened the door and cleared the LT from view of the mines.

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