Why We Play Infinity

While I was writing one of my articles last week I got to pondering about what drew me to infinity and what brings us all to this community. This article has no strategy in it. If you want that check out my other posts. These are just the musings of a nerd on what we get out of playing tabletop games and why we keep coming back.

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Battle Kiwi Terrain

2017-06-15 19.23.06.jpg

I picked up some more Battle Kiwi terrain recently. I’m very excited to get these new buildings painted and set up. I picked up the newly released Holo Billboard set and The Club. These are both great set pieces that add so much flavor to a table.

Somehow this little bag of Kiwi goodness made it’s way into my box as well. My kids and family loved them. Special thanks to those awesome guys over at Battle Kiwi for all their hard work making awesome terrain for us to enjoy.

2017-06-15 19.23.13.jpg

Billboard Advertiser

At my day job I was recently awarded with a little something. When my boss handed it to me it was in this little gem. All I could think of while he handed it to me was how awesome it looked and how perfect it was for a miniature terrain.

I decided to print out the Battle Kiwi logo to go with the table I’ve built. The design of this piece is pretty simple. It’s held together with magnets on each corner. It is simple to remove the pieces and insert a new add. Which I may do on occasion. I did a quick google search for similar items and I found that it is called a magnetic photo or award frame. I may have to pick up a couple more down the road.

Sorry I’ve been on hiatus for a week. Life has gotten pretty crazy, but I weathered it and am back in action. Expect regular posts starting next week.

Skills and Equipment: Fireteams Part 2

Part 2 Fireteams on Infinity Skills and Equipment series is available. In this part I go over the perks associated with fireteams of 4 and 5 memebers. I also go over how to deal with close combat when in a fireteam. If by chance you missed the first episode it can be found here.

Skills and Equipment is a web series I created to help clarify the rules and start a conversation about strategies. Let’s get the conversation started and work together to come up with the best ideas about fireteams.

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Transmission Matrix: JSA v Correguidor

After a number of days of editing it is finally here. This is my first battle report video and I learned a ton of do’s and don’t’s for the future. Joe from Fate and Fury Games was my opponent. He fielded the same list he took to Rumble on Route 66 a few weeks ago. In the next battle report that I make I will try a few different recording options in order to make it easier to edit and also easier to watch and follow. Thank you so much for watching. Remember you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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Custom Dice Tray

For a while I’ve looked at buying a dice tray from one of various online retailers. After chatting with one of my friends John about his dice tray he made a simple recommendation and from there It turned into a great looking dice tray. Click to read more and see my steps and the pictures of the project.  Continue reading

Biotechvore: Bahram v Aleph

Six heavily armored feet clanked up the side streets exiting the biotechvore zone. The medic looked back toward their deployment zone and says, “We’re all clear. Defensive positions.” As planned the Medic took the lead of the fire team and forms a duo with the remaining Asawira, while the Asawira with the spitfire took up a suppressive position viewing as many angles as possible.

Tensions among the three Asawira rose in anticipation of the oncoming enemy. Through the building to their left the Myrmidon officer sped through the open door straight into view eclipse grebade in hand. Boarsing shotguns and spitfire filled the air with bullets. Dense Smoke filled the doorway and much of the street leading to the enemy position.

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