3rd Highlander Grey Review Part 2

I am back with this weeks troop review. Today I am doing part two of the Highlander Grey. Part one can be found here. The greys are a solid unit that you will use or face often. As with all of my other part two reviews I’ve got synergies and lists to follow.


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Skills and Equipment: Fireteams Part 2

Part 2 Fireteams on Infinity Skills and Equipment series is available. In this part I go over the perks associated with fireteams of 4 and 5 memebers. I also go over how to deal with close combat when in a fireteam. If by chance you missed the first episode it can be found here.

Skills and Equipment is a web series I created to help clarify the rules and start a conversation about strategies. Let’s get the conversation started and work together to come up with the best ideas about fireteams.

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Skills and Equipment: Fireteams

The next episode of Skills and Equipment is live on my YouTube Channel. In this episode I go over the basics of Fireteams. It will be a three part series on fireteams and this first one is very basic and covers creation and basic rules of of thumb. Check back soon for the next part of Skills and Equipment: Fireteams.

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Knight of Montesa Review pt 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Knight of Montesa Review. Part one can be found here. This is the second part of my HI review series. Now I will be going back though all of the troop reviews I had previously written and adding synergies and lists.


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Deadly Dance: JSA V Onyx Force

I’m back with my next battle report. This week I played against George from Fate and Fury Games. We played the mission Deadly dance and it was a blast. It was my first time fielding a TAG and also my first time playing this mission. George is a great opponent.

Before watching you should know some of the history of my games against George. We’ve played only twice before this and on our first match back in N2 rules I possessed his TAG and proceeded to table him. On our second match almost two years later I won again. I was playing Haqqislam and a well placed Fiday proved to be too much trouble for him. It was a close match, but I won. Now we are back with our third encounter and it was a great game.


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Ectros Regiment Review

This is the final week of this part of the series where I review the HI troops that come in the vanilla starter packs for each faction. This review is of the Ectros. In the lore the Ectros Regiment is the oldest heavy infantry unit still active in the Tohaa Trident. Their name has significance in their language as well it refers to the E mathematical constant and refers to them always being successful. Click to read more to see my review of the unit.


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