Mobile Brigada Review

This week I am moving onto the Nomads HI from the starter box. The Mobile Brigada is a solid trooper with very good armor and great stats. If you have been paying attention I have been going down the list as shown in the Army Selector so next week will be Combined Army. Click to read more on this solid Troop profile.


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3rd Highlander Greys Review

On this week’s troop review I go over the 3rd Highlander Greys. A solid trooper from the Ariadna Starter pack who will definitely find his way into many Caledonia lists, but his shortcomings may cause him to be skipped often in vanilla lists.


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Ghost Stories Review

A lonely village plagued by relentless ghosts, an ancient evil poised to take over the world, four Taoist monks stand as the only barricade from the destruction and the only source of exorcism. Ghost stories is a cooperative strategy game where players struggle against the endless hordes of ghosts before the arrival of the ancient evil Wu-Feng. After he arrives players have a limited time to banish the demon before the game ends.


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Asawira Regiment Review

For a long time when I played the Hassassins. I opted out of taking any Asawira. I felt they were far too expensive when I could fill out almost twenty orders in most of the lists that I played. Why spend around forty points when I can field almost an entire link of Ghulams for that same cost? Here is a quick break down of all of their abilities and then we’ll decide if this guy is worth taking on your team.


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