Tacoma WA Tournament Recap

Over the weekend my local Vancouver WA crew drove north to Tacoma WA to Terracrux games. This shop is new to infinity so we went to support them. We brought 7 people to their tournament. The locals were pretty new to the game. We also had a good turn out from the Seattle crew. There was even a Vancouver Canada guy that showed up. In all we had 24 players in the 3 round ITS tournament. We brought 7 tables total to help out, but only ended up using 3 of them. The Seattle guys also brought some tables down.


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Knight of Montesa Review pt 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Knight of Montesa Review. Part one can be found here. This is the second part of my HI review series. Now I will be going back though all of the troop reviews I had previously written and adding synergies and lists.


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