Comm Center: JSA v Bahram

Comm Center is a fun game type that focuses on capturing points, but rewards killing specialists more than taking objectives. I played against my old faction Hassassin Bahram. They forever hold a special place in my heart. It was interesting playing against them as a different faction myself. We played the mission Comm Center. The objective is to both hold more objectives than your opponent and also kill more specialists.


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Painted Miniatures: Episode 1 JSA

I’ve embedded a video from my Youtube Channel by the same name. This is my first video so any tips and advice on making it better are greatly appreciated. In the video I highlight a few of the recent JSA miniatures that I painted and I talk about the projects that I am working on next.

Engineering Deck: Bahram v Yu Jing

The Muttawi’ah’s crimson blood dripped down his uniform staining it in one large circle at his abdomen. A new hole bore deep into his chest. The Tokusetsu doc across the table took out his only. The shot barely glimpsed past the Fanous remote the Mutt dodged around. Two choices lay before him. Lay down and hope for a medic, or push on and die in a blaze of bullets. The team needed him now. Their objective lay obstructed by locked doors, mines, and suppressive fire. An idea scenario for a Dogged Mutt to tackle.

The Barid hacker used the program lock picker to open one of the four doors. Quick work and a sidestep opened the door and cleared the LT from view of the mines.

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