Battle Kiwi Terrain

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I picked up some more Battle Kiwi terrain recently. I’m very excited to get these new buildings painted and set up. I picked up the newly released Holo Billboard set and The Club. These are both great set pieces that add so much flavor to a table.

Somehow this little bag of Kiwi goodness made it’s way into my box as well. My kids and family loved them. Special thanks to those awesome guys over at Battle Kiwi for all their hard work making awesome terrain for us to enjoy.

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Free Lance Stringer Part 4

The Free Lance Stringer is the HVT that comes in the Dire Foes pack 6. She’s a very sleek looking miniature and will be a blast to paint. Here’s her just as a primed miniature. This post contains everything from part one so I will skip the link back to it. As I did with my recent Yojimbo post I am combining all of my posts together from now on so that when I finally finish It will be one long post that goes from start to finish on the Miniature.

2017-04-14 21.43.08

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Yojimbo Painting 9

This format is different than what I’ve previously done. I am going to be adding a progression of my work throughout until it becomes one long post with all the steps from start to finish.

I have moved onto painting the dismounted model and rider. I have also decided to do these a little different than I was previously doing. I took a few more pictures along the way and I will explain what I was working on. You will see more pictures and more explanation of what I was doing along the way. You can find the finished bike here.

2017-04-14 21.35.16

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Skills and Equipment: Fireteams Part 2

Part 2 Fireteams on Infinity Skills and Equipment series is available. In this part I go over the perks associated with fireteams of 4 and 5 memebers. I also go over how to deal with close combat when in a fireteam. If by chance you missed the first episode it can be found here.

Skills and Equipment is a web series I created to help clarify the rules and start a conversation about strategies. Let’s get the conversation started and work together to come up with the best ideas about fireteams.

If you like what I’ve been doing then support me on my patreon site. I’ve got some cool things coming up soon. Once I receive 40 Patrons I will pick 4 of them at random and send paint them up an HVT and send it out to you, but if you want a guarunteed painted HVT then be one of the first 6 patrons and I will get to work right away on painting up an HVT for you.


Battle Kiwi First Impressions


Over the weekend I received a package of terrain from Battle Kiwi. They are a company based out of New Zealand. I purchased the terrain because I really like how it looks, but I was hesitant because of the distance from the US. I received my package about 10 days later. That’s faster than I’ve received packages from Warsenal and they are US based. Granted they ship from across the country from me though. Click to read more of my first impressions.

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Yojimbo pt 4

I’ve made a bit more progress on Yojimbo. I painted the tires the first coat of black and I did some more coats of red on metal by the back tire. I also added various highlights to the model as I painted.

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I want to put in a plug for my Patreon Page. I’ve got a couple of reward tiers available, but only a few people have signed up to receive them. I am sending out two miniatures a month to my patreons chosen at random. The first tier for a $1 you will be entered into a drawing for a single Infinity the Game miniature of your choosing. The $8 tier enters you into a raffle for a box of miniatures of your choosing (excluding army boxes I will add a reward tier for those in the near future).