Domaru Butai Review Part 2

This week I am on part 2 of the Domaru Butai Review. You can find part 1 here. On this review I will go over a few lists and some good synergies with other soldiers.


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Mobile Brigada Review

This week I am moving onto the Nomads HI from the starter box. The Mobile Brigada is a solid trooper with very good armor and great stats. If you have been paying attention I have been going down the list as shown in the Army Selector so next week will be Combined Army. Click to read more on this solid Troop profile.


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Capture and Protect: Before Game Strategy


I’m playing my JSA sectorial for the first time tomorrow night and I’m fairly excited to see how they play. I have been playing Haqqislam Bahram for a very long time and I feel there will be an adjustment period before I can get the hang of how JSA plays. In my league we are playing 150 point games this whole month so I figured it would be a good time to try out a new army.

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