Comm Center: JSA v Bahram

Comm Center is a fun game type that focuses on capturing points, but rewards killing specialists more than taking objectives. I played against my old faction Hassassin Bahram. They forever hold a special place in my heart. It was interesting playing against them as a different faction myself. We played the mission Comm Center. The objective is to both hold more objectives than your opponent and also kill more specialists.


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Keisotsu Painting Finished

At long last I have finished painting my Keisotsu. Now in the last picture with the lighting you can’t see his com link very well. I did paint it black on the bottom with a dark gray highlight on top. Follow the slideshow below displaying his progress towards completion. I want to note the subtle change in the stock color between the last two photos. I decided I wanted it a more orange color than the off white it was at first.

2017-03-13 21.43.34

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Keisotsu Painting EP 3

2017-03-07 21.50.48

Here’s the next bit of progress I’ve done on my Keisotsu. I focused on their guns this time. Adding a few small highlights to the scope and making the major gun color purple. I may change the color of the little thing sticking down. I may go black on that instead of beige. I just don’t think the beige is working very well. After that the only thing left for me to do is the head. The dreaded head. Continue reading

Keisotsu painting continued

2017-03-07 21.50.48

I spent a little more time on my Keisotsu troops this afternoon and made some good progress. What follows is a side-show of some before and after shots.  I base coated their arms white and gave them orange and black gloves. I did not highlight them very well yet, but I will do some highlights on the raised edges of the orange soon. I haven’t decided if I want to use a glaze on the gloves yet. I’m not sure what color glaze would go well with the scheme that I have going so far.  Continue reading

Keisotsu Painting

I spent the night working on my Keisotsu that came in the JSA starter pack. My original thought was to paint them with a Rising Sun theme, hence the very red pants and white shoes. After painting the pants on three Keisotsu, an Oniwaban, and two ninjas I decided that Red and white was probably the most overdone color scheme done for the JSA sectorial. Continue reading