Why We Play Infinity

While I was writing one of my articles last week I got to pondering about what drew me to infinity and what brings us all to this community. This article has no strategy in it. If you want that check out my other posts. These are just the musings of a nerd on what we get out of playing tabletop games and why we keep coming back.

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New Community Link

I’ve added another site to the community page on my blog. This one goes to Infinity the PDX. Infinity the PDX is a community space for all things Infinty in the Portland Oregon Metro area. They post all of the upcoming events for all of the stores in the area and they also feature the bloggers that live in the area. There are a few of us. They also feature all of the local Facebook groups and a very neat resource page put on the by Eugene Infinity Crew.

Be sure to support all the great content put out by the awesome Infinity community.

Infinity Skills: Suppressive Fire part 2

This week’s episode of Infinity Skills and Equipment covers Suppressive Fire specifically how to counter it. Be sure to comment on your thoughts and strategies with suppressive fire, countering it and any strategies that may or may not have worked out for you.


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