Finding Time to Hobby

If you haven’t noticed it’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly. Life unfortunately can get busy. Who ever thought that adulting could be so difficult. As children we often assume that when we grow up we can do what we want when we want and no one can tell us otherwise. We quickly learn that the only time in our life that this is the case is in college.


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Domaru Butai Painting pt 3

I spent a few more hours painting the Domaru Butai. I am very happy with how they are coming along. I was cleaning up the highlights of the leg arm helmet and back. The next phase will be to finish their faces and then move to their leg guard things.  Continue reading

Keisotsu Painting

I spent the night working on my Keisotsu that came in the JSA starter pack. My original thought was to paint them with a Rising Sun theme, hence the very red pants and white shoes. After painting the pants on three Keisotsu, an Oniwaban, and two ninjas I decided that Red and white was probably the most overdone color scheme done for the JSA sectorial. Continue reading