Strikezone: Wotan Haqqislam V Combined Army

I played my first game in the campaign of Strikezone: Wotan on Thursday night. It was a blast. I played against one of my friends. It was a close game until the very end. It’s always a pleasure to play against friends.  The best moment of the fight was Al-Djabel against an Umbra Samaritan and a Rodok duking it out. Al-Djabel got eaten alive literally thanks to the Protheion skill.

2017-06-01 19.35.57.jpg

Here is the link to my battle report on the Strikezone: Wotan campaign site.

Tacoma WA Tournament Recap

Over the weekend my local Vancouver WA crew drove north to Tacoma WA to Terracrux games. This shop is new to infinity so we went to support them. We brought 7 people to their tournament. The locals were pretty new to the game. We also had a good turn out from the Seattle crew. There was even a Vancouver Canada guy that showed up. In all we had 24 players in the 3 round ITS tournament. We brought 7 tables total to help out, but only ended up using 3 of them. The Seattle guys also brought some tables down.


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Comm Center: JSA v Bahram

Comm Center is a fun game type that focuses on capturing points, but rewards killing specialists more than taking objectives. I played against my old faction Hassassin Bahram. They forever hold a special place in my heart. It was interesting playing against them as a different faction myself. We played the mission Comm Center. The objective is to both hold more objectives than your opponent and also kill more specialists.


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Asawira Regiment Review

For a long time when I played the Hassassins. I opted out of taking any Asawira. I felt they were far too expensive when I could fill out almost twenty orders in most of the lists that I played. Why spend around forty points when I can field almost an entire link of Ghulams for that same cost? Here is a quick break down of all of their abilities and then we’ll decide if this guy is worth taking on your team.


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Biotechvore: Bahram v Aleph

Six heavily armored feet clanked up the side streets exiting the biotechvore zone. The medic looked back toward their deployment zone and says, “We’re all clear. Defensive positions.” As planned the Medic took the lead of the fire team and forms a duo with the remaining Asawira, while the Asawira with the spitfire took up a suppressive position viewing as many angles as possible.

Tensions among the three Asawira rose in anticipation of the oncoming enemy. Through the building to their left the Myrmidon officer sped through the open door straight into view eclipse grebade in hand. Boarsing shotguns and spitfire filled the air with bullets. Dense Smoke filled the doorway and much of the street leading to the enemy position.

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Engineering Deck: Bahram v Yu Jing

The Muttawi’ah’s crimson blood dripped down his uniform staining it in one large circle at his abdomen. A new hole bore deep into his chest. The Tokusetsu doc across the table took out his only. The shot barely glimpsed past the Fanous remote the Mutt dodged around. Two choices lay before him. Lay down and hope for a medic, or push on and die in a blaze of bullets. The team needed him now. Their objective lay obstructed by locked doors, mines, and suppressive fire. An idea scenario for a Dogged Mutt to tackle.

The Barid hacker used the program lock picker to open one of the four doors. Quick work and a sidestep opened the door and cleared the LT from view of the mines.

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