Skills and Equipment: Fireteams Part 3

I’m back with the last episode in my fireteams series of Infinity Skills and Equipment. In this episode I cover a few of the various tactics that you can use to combat fireteams. If you have any great strategies please comment and add to the discussion. You can find the first two episodes of the series here and here.


Skills and Equipment: Fireteams Part 2

Part 2 Fireteams on Infinity Skills and Equipment series is available. In this part I go over the perks associated with fireteams of 4 and 5 memebers. I also go over how to deal with close combat when in a fireteam. If by chance you missed the first episode it can be found here.

Skills and Equipment is a web series I created to help clarify the rules and start a conversation about strategies. Let’s get the conversation started and work together to come up with the best ideas about fireteams.

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Skills and Equipment: Fireteams

The next episode of Skills and Equipment is live on my YouTube Channel. In this episode I go over the basics of Fireteams. It will be a three part series on fireteams and this first one is very basic and covers creation and basic rules of of thumb. Check back soon for the next part of Skills and Equipment: Fireteams.

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