Miniature Painting Basics: The Base Coat

I’m back with another miniature painting basics video. In this one I go over the basics of working on a base coat of paint on the miniature. It is a fairly simple video and may be a refresher course for many viewers, but as the title says this is just the basics for a beginner painter.  You can find more of my videos on my YouTube channel. Subscribe and like if you enjoy what I’ve created.

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Miniature Painting Basics

I’ve been doing a series of videos on my YouTube channel that I haven’t posted here yet. In it I am covering my whole process of painting miniatures. So far I’ve made 3 videos. My most recent one was released today. In this one I cover the basic tools necessary to painting miniatures. I am going to post episode 3 here, but I will put links to my other videos on the videos page of my blog.

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