Neka Oyama painting part 1

I’ve been doing a bit of work on Neko Oyama lately. I forgot to take a before picture when I just had him primed, but I will go over the steps I’ve done so far. Before this point I did a base coat of the blue and added a few highlight and lowlight shades and a wash to make the angles and ridges stand out. I then added white on all the ridges to make them stand out.

2017-04-15 14.40.58

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Domaru Butai Finished

At long last I finished my Domaru Butai. It was a bit of a journey with some color changes last minute, but I really like how they finally ended up. I had gone one direction with their helmets, but decided I wanted more contrast later and made a drastic change. I finished all five of the Domaru that I own. I will make a video soon of the whole Domaru Family. Check out my other videos on my YouTube channel.


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Domaru Butai pt 5

I made some drastic changes. I think I like them, but I’m not sold yet. After a conversation with George from Fate and Fury Games I decided to make their helmets stand out a bit more by doing the rising sun theme. I think it looks good, but I’m not really confident. Let me know what you think. Be sure to check out my rewards page over on Patreon.

2017-04-09 22.55.49

Follow the link for the progression slideshow.

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