Order Pools: Big or Small?

Order Efficiency or Order Spam. What is the best way to build lists for Infinity the game? For some factions order spam is really easy to do and often the most promoted strategy to win games, but other factions struggle to make larger lists of troops. Which style is best and why? I regularly play Haqqislam and building a 14 regular 4 irregular and 4 impetuous order list is pretty easy to do. Sometimes I feel like a bad opponent when I build lists like that though. Where is the happy medium and how should we build out lists.

2017-03-16 18.36.58

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Infinity Skills: Sensor

This week’s episode of Infinity Skills and Equipment covers the Sensor skill and its various uses. Sensor is a very handy skill that many players ignore because they do not understand it or have never taken the time to learn what it does. Watch this quick video to get a better idea of how to use the Sensor skill.

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Free Lance Stringer


After a few weeks of work on this miniature I am finally done. She was a blast to paint and a good diversion from the other miniatures that I am currently working on. I also didn’t have any fully painted HVT to speak of and I really had to fix that.


Click read more to see the full progression of the miniature from Primer to finish.

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New Community Link

I’ve added another site to the community page on my blog. This one goes to Infinity the PDX. Infinity the PDX is a community space for all things Infinty in the Portland Oregon Metro area. They post all of the upcoming events for all of the stores in the area and they also feature the bloggers that live in the area. There are a few of us. They also feature all of the local Facebook groups and a very neat resource page put on the by Eugene Infinity Crew.

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Strikezone: Wotan Haqqislam V Combined Army

I played my first game in the campaign of Strikezone: Wotan on Thursday night. It was a blast. I played against one of my friends. It was a close game until the very end. It’s always a pleasure to play against friends.  The best moment of the fight was Al-Djabel against an Umbra Samaritan and a Rodok duking it out. Al-Djabel got eaten alive literally thanks to the Protheion skill.

2017-06-01 19.35.57.jpg

Here is the link to my battle report on the Strikezone: Wotan campaign site.

Infinity Skills: Suppressive Fire part 2

This week’s episode of Infinity Skills and Equipment covers Suppressive Fire specifically how to counter it. Be sure to comment on your thoughts and strategies with suppressive fire, countering it and any strategies that may or may not have worked out for you.


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Free Lance Stringer Painting Part 5

The Free Lance Stringer is the HVT that comes in the Dire Foes pack 6. She’s a very sleek looking miniature and will be a blast to paint. Here’s her just as a primed miniature. This post contains everything from part one so I will skip the link back to it. As I did with my recent Yojimbo post I am combining all of my posts together from now on so that when I finally finish It will be one long post that goes from start to finish on the Miniature.

2017-04-14 21.43.08

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