New Community Link

I’ve added another site to the community page on my blog. This one goes to Infinity the PDX. Infinity the PDX is a community space for all things Infinty in the Portland Oregon Metro area. They post all of the upcoming events for all of the stores in the area and they also feature the bloggers that live in the area. There are a few of us. They also feature all of the local Facebook groups and a very neat resource page put on the by Eugene Infinity Crew.

Be sure to support all the great content put out by the awesome Infinity community.

Patreon Rewards

I’m doing a giveaway at the end of the month to two of my Patreons. I have two reward tiers set up and they are pretty cheap.  The first is for a $1 and it enters you to win a miniature of your choosing sent out to you by me. The second costs $8 and is an entry for a drawing for a box of mini’s of your choosing (excluding army boxes). I want to give back to the community for the support I’ve received so far from you guys. 

The current odds for winning the raffles are fairly good since I only have two patreons at the moment. I will announce the winners of the drawings on May 1st. 

A special thanks goes out to Frank Washburn and Arom Schultz for being my first two patreons.

The purpose for the patreon page is so that I can eventually send all the raw video out to be edited so I can produce more content regularly. I want to keep doing these videos and posting the content I’ve been working on, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Infinity the Game is the great community that we are all a part of. Get out there play some games and paint your minis.