Transmission Matrix: JSA v Correguidor

After a number of days of editing it is finally here. This is my first battle report video and I learned a ton of do’s and don’t’s for the future. Joe from Fate and Fury Games was my opponent. He fielded the same list he took to Rumble on Route 66 a few weeks ago. In the next battle report that I make I will try a few different recording options in order to make it easier to edit and also easier to watch and follow. Thank you so much for watching. Remember you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mobile Brigada Review

This week I am moving onto the Nomads HI from the starter box. The Mobile Brigada is a solid trooper with very good armor and great stats. If you have been paying attention I have been going down the list as shown in the Army Selector so next week will be Combined Army. Click to read more on this solid Troop profile.


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