Strikezone: Wotan Haqqislam V Combined Army

I played my first game in the campaign of Strikezone: Wotan on Thursday night. It was a blast. I played against one of my friends. It was a close game until the very end. It’s always a pleasure to play against friends.  The best moment of the fight was Al-Djabel against an Umbra Samaritan and a Rodok duking it out. Al-Djabel got eaten alive literally thanks to the Protheion skill.

2017-06-01 19.35.57.jpg

Here is the link to my battle report on the Strikezone: Wotan campaign site.

Tacoma WA Tournament Recap

Over the weekend my local Vancouver WA crew drove north to Tacoma WA to Terracrux games. This shop is new to infinity so we went to support them. We brought 7 people to their tournament. The locals were pretty new to the game. We also had a good turn out from the Seattle crew. There was even a Vancouver Canada guy that showed up. In all we had 24 players in the 3 round ITS tournament. We brought 7 tables total to help out, but only ended up using 3 of them. The Seattle guys also brought some tables down.


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Deadly Dance: JSA V Onyx Force

I’m back with my next battle report. This week I played against George from Fate and Fury Games. We played the mission Deadly dance and it was a blast. It was my first time fielding a TAG and also my first time playing this mission. George is a great opponent.

Before watching you should know some of the history of my games against George. We’ve played only twice before this and on our first match back in N2 rules I possessed his TAG and proceeded to table him. On our second match almost two years later I won again. I was playing Haqqislam and a well placed Fiday proved to be too much trouble for him. It was a close match, but I won. Now we are back with our third encounter and it was a great game.


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Transmission Matrix: JSA v Correguidor

After a number of days of editing it is finally here. This is my first battle report video and I learned a ton of do’s and don’t’s for the future. Joe from Fate and Fury Games was my opponent. He fielded the same list he took to Rumble on Route 66 a few weeks ago. In the next battle report that I make I will try a few different recording options in order to make it easier to edit and also easier to watch and follow. Thank you so much for watching. Remember you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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Seize the Antenna: JSA v Aleph

I feel better about this game than I did with my previous ones. Although I made some mistakes in the game I did better than I had before. I made a huge mistake in my second turn and it cost me dearly, but I was able to end on a tie, but a loss to victory points. The scenario was Seize the Antenna and it was a blast. Pete was my opponent today and he is a worthy foe.2017-03-16 18.36.58 Continue reading

Antenna Field: JSA V US Ariadna


I played my game against Cody. It did not go well for me, but I am attempting to play JSA the same way I would with my Haqqislam Bahram and it just doesn’t seem to be working. As always the game is a blast to play and I learn so much with each game. My advice for anyone loosing as horribly as I just lost this match is to be a good sport and think about the changes that you could have made that could potentially have turned the tide of battle. Unfortunately for me my first mistake was a poorly constructed list.

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