Battle Kiwi: Alpha City Review

For the next few weeks I will be doing some reviews on some terrain I purchased over at Battle Kiwi.  They are a New Zealand based company and they produce some awesome terrain for any sci-fi or fantasy game. I am reviewing some of their Sci Fi stuff found here. Check back next week for my review of their Objective room.

Today’s review is on the Alpha City. This is the staple of their sci-fi table. Their table combo pack comes with three sets of these and they look good. I should note that the pictured planter is a separate pack and not included, but I just had to add it here because it looks awesome.

2017-04-10 20.32.55

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Terrain Incoming

I have ordered my first set of terrain for infinity. After spending many hours looking around at terrain I stumble across the guys over at Battle Kiwi. I had actually decided to forgo purchasing my own terrain, but when I saw their stuff I was sold. They are a company based out of New Zealand and they have some great terrain over on their side of the globe. Below is an image of their objective room plus the Comm tower addition. Their gorgeous terrain won me over. As soon as I get my package of terrain I’m going to do some reviews of their products.

Battle Kiwi.png