Eco Cars Pangi City Car Review

This weeks terrain review is on Antenocitis Workshop’s Eco Pangit Cars. You can fine them here or from other various re-sellers around the globe. These little terrain pieces look great and fit in with any city or town setting that you build for any sci-fi table. I am going to pair these guys with my Battle Kiwi table. You can find my various reviews of battle kiwi terrain on my blog.

2017-05-14 08.39.18.jpg

The heights of these guys is perfect to allow cover for miniatures of various sizes, but if you are looking for a size that will block more line of sight then these guys are not for you. They will add character and style to a table though. Many tables are just filled with boxes and crates. The addition of cars makes a table feel alive. Next I’ll have to get a large bus to go with the awesome bust stops I have. You can read my review on those here.

2017-05-14 08.39.50.jpg

Check back soon for more updates and terrain reviews. I am currently working on a video review of all of the Battle Kiwi Terrain I’ve assembled.

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