Painting Services

I am currently accepting requests for painting miniatures. If you like my work and want me to paint up an army for you contact me and let me know. You can see a few of my completed projects here.

I cater to the Infinity the Game Community, but I am happy to paint miniatures of other games. Pricing is reflective of miniatures sized at 28mm. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Commission Paint Pricing

Line Troops Tournament Ready with 3 colors $10 per model*
Studry Soldiers 3 colors, some highlights, a few details $15 Per Model*
Legendary Heroes 4 colors, with 2 layers of highlights, all details $25 Per Model*

*Pricing is set for the standard 28mm size model. There are many factors affecting the price (Magariba Guard will cost more than a Crazy Koala).

*I can purchase the miniature, but the purchase price and assembling the miniature will be an additional cost. The other option is for you to send me the miniature already assembled.

Army Discounts

5 Troops $5 off $45*
10 Troops $12 off $88*
15 Troops $20 off $130*

*Line Troop Pricing used for the example.

*Each troop can be of a different quality. If you want all your LI done at Line Troop quality, but your TAGS and named troops to be Legendary the price will reflect that.


Basing each mini costs an additional $3.

Time Frame

Finished product turn around time will depend on the level of quality and the quantity of miniatures being painted. We will discuss a time frame together. Usually between two to eight weeks.


Shipping will be paid for by the customer.


Feel free to contact me with inquiries.