Miniature Painting Basics: The Base Coat

I’m back with another miniature painting basics video. In this one I go over the basics of working on a base coat of paint on the miniature. It is a fairly simple video and may be a refresher course for many viewers, but as the title says this is just the basics for a beginner painter.  You can find more of my videos on my YouTube channel. Subscribe and like if you enjoy what I’ve created.

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Pathfinder Adventures

It has begun. After too long of a hiatus I am back playing a pen and paper RPG. This time I am in the Dungeon Master’s seat. I’ve played as the DM before in different games, but never for Dungeons and Dragons or any game of its like. I previously was the Game Master for a Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.


Our group will only meet once a month or so, but it will still be awesome. I will write up in narrative form their adventures and misadventures. I may even share some of my planned stories and encounters. This blog is not focused on D&D, but on occasion I will write on the subject.

The group thus far is composed of a male Half Elf Monk, a male Elf Rouge, a female Half Elf Paladin, a male Gnome sorcerer, and a female gnome Druid. We are going to start at level 1 and adventure from there. Since we only meet once a month I am going to level up the players every session for the first three sessions, but after that I will determine again how fast I want them to advance.

Tech Priest Dominus Painting

Welcome to the first post in my Tech Priest Dominus Painting. I am very excited to paint this guy up. Coming from Infinity the Game Warhammer 40k miniatures feel huge. I’m hoping that my abilities with painting have improved since the last time I painted Warhammer over 15 years ago. Let’s get started. Click read more to see the progression of this guy.

2017-06-25 21.02.04.jpg

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Order Etiquette

We have all played a game where we lost track if the number of orders we’ve spent in a turn. This happens on occasion, but it can be very frustrating for your opponent. It is the worst when it happens in a tournament. What can be done to prevent it and what should you do if you find yourself in this situation. Let’s start the conversation. Click to read more and comment with your thoughts on the subject. 


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Infinity Skills: The Order Phase

This week’s episode of Infinity Skills and Equipment covers the order phase. It is a pretty basic video, but it’s very important. I also throw in some advice for veteran players on how to organize orders so you do not loose track of how many you’ve spent.

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Battle Kiwi Holo Billboard Bench Set Review

This week I am reviewing The Holo Billboard Bench Set made by Battle Kiwi. A New Zealand terrain and accessories company. The piece can be purchased over here. This was just recently released about a month ago and I was very excited to receive mine.

2017-06-18 13.50.13.jpg

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