“ALEPH is the name of the single Artificial Intelligence that oversees the data network of the Human Sphere and most major international technological systems. The scope of its responsibilities is so broad that, in service of Humanity and under O-12 supervision, a whole organizational structure has been created around it to assist in its functions. To fulfill its mission, ALEPH oversees a sizable fraction of all human activity as a sort of friendly, inconspicuous Big Brother whose only goal seems to be aiding us. And yet ALEPH does have enemies. The Nomad Nation has a bitter hatred for the only legitimate AI, convinced that Humanity is but a hapless puppet furthering its secret agenda. And there is also the Evolved Intelligence, whose confrontations with ALEPH are clashes of titans on an epic scale.”

This army is remote heavy which means that most of the troops don’t need to make a guts roll. It is filled with multispectral visors which will help against camo heavy armies. It has quite a few medium infantry units.

Vanilla Starter Pack


Recommended Additions

The support pack is a great addition because it adds both a Sophotech, but also a few Netrods. The Sophotech is a doctor Engineer with no wound incapacitation. She can take a hit and keep running around grabbing objectives and healing both your human and remote troops. Even if you don’t ever use the Sophotech the Netrods will find their way into many of your lists. At 4 points per AI Beacon they generate one addition order each and you can take up to three of them. They are pretty weak and destroy easily, but it is worth the cost to bring at least one.


Myrmidons will also find their way into many lists. They cost very little relatively for how strong they are. They come equipped with an ODD martial arts and kinematica. These guys will effectively be able discover and shoot camo markers. There is also a spitfire blister that makes another great addition in lieu of this one if you prefer to only get one Myrmidon.


The Deva make the list for the next addition. I know one comes in the starter box, but the spitfire model is the standout in their load out list. At 33 points and 1 SWC you get a BS 12 spitfire with MSV lvl 2 and no wound incapacitation. This model will shred opponents through zero visibility zones and as with the Myrmidons he will be able to discover and shoot camo troops with ease.


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