“The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Guardians of one of the great treasures of the universe, the Tohaa have withstood the EI’s onslaught longer than any other race in this galaxy. The Tohaa are masters of biotechnology, capable of building terrible viral weapons and impervious symbiont armors, but also of altering other species, granting them more intelligence so they can fight by their side. The Tohaa need allies, and Humanity seems fitting for the first line of the fight against the Combined Army.”

Starter Pack


This box contains the following figures:

1 Clipsos Infiltrators (Combi Rifle) – This is your surprise tool of the box. He can deploy hidden or as a marker Nimbus grenades are very nice and so is the ability to lay mines upon deployment anywhere within the zone of control of the trooper.

1 Ectros Regiment (Viral Combi Rifle) – This is the heavy trooper in the box. 13 BS 14 PH 13WIp 3 ARM and 6 BTS make him a solid HI troop and priced very reasonably.

1 Sakiel Regiment (Viral Combi Rifle) – This is perhaps the intended leiutenant of the box. The Sakiel are a solid upgrade from the Kamael, but still a light infantry.

3 Kamael Light Infantry (Combi Rifle) – These guys are the grunts in the box, but they can form a triad which is very nice.

Recommended Additions

The first recommendation is the Kaeltar Specialists. They can form a triad and each comes with either 2 symbiomates or 2 symbiobombs. Both very handy tools. Their stat-line is fairly average, but they have the chain of command skill which allows you to bypass the loss of lieutenant situation if your lieutenant dies.


The next recommendation is the Chaksa Auxiliars Unit Box. While their stat-line is failry weak they are very cheap units equipped with awesome weapons. 15 points for a smart missile launcher is insane. 25 points for an HMG with 360 visor. Stick that trooper in suppressive fire and you can hold down a very large portion of the table. This is an excellent addition to any Tohaa team.


The final recommendation is the Makaul Unit Box. These guys can form a very cheap triad that can cause serious pain to any enemies in their path. They are regular extreme impetuous which is why they cost so little. Even if you take just one of them and use the deployment tactic of using the eclipse grenades to keep him in cover until he’s within range to heavy flamethrower the enemy these guys can be devastating to the enemy.


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