“Three gargantuan spaceships endlessly traverse the Sphere, doing what others cannot or will not do, sticking it to ‘the Man’ and contesting ordinary definitions of normalcy and acceptability. Do you prefer to think for yourself? Do you want to travel? Then you might have a Nomad spirit.”


Agauciles – Combi Rifle – These are your line troops with a variety of specialist options and weapon availability you can field these guys for any situation.

Spektrs – Combi Rifle – TO:Camo and Infiltration allow this troop to deploy either hidden or as a marker up to halfway up the field. With various specialist options he is a solid objective grabber.

Mobile Brigada – Multi Rifle + Light Flame Thrower – This is your heavy hitter. I have written a solid review of him here. He is most likely the intended Lieutenant of the starter pack. His high armor and 2 wounds make him very survivable, but you will want to play him aggressively.

Grenzer – Sniper Rifle – MultiSpectral Visor Level 1 allows this troop to ignore Camouflage and Mimetism. It also reduces the penalty for ODD and TO: Camo down to -3. On a Sniper this will help you to land shots more often.

Recommended Addtions

Moran Masai

Now this is an old sculpt, but he makes a solid addition to a Nomad army. The Crazy Koala’s make him very hard to approach and the fact that he is a repeater helps you to hack enemies through his zone of control.



Reverend Custodier

Speaking of great Hacking capabilities another addition is a solid Hacker the Reverend Custodier. ODD and Hacking Device plus make this troop hard to deal with for any opponent. ARM 3 BTS 3 and WIP 14 maker her formidable.


Troop Review

Mobile Brigada Review

Mobile Brigada Review part 2


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