This is a landing page for some great people in the Infinity Community.

Fate and Fury Games

This is my local game shop. They sell  all their miniatures priced at Mini Market which is really handy for us locals. We all support him and buy everything out of his store since its the same price and it keeps him in business. PS support your game store. You can find Fate and Fury on Twitter and Facebook.


Pride of Rodina

Pride of Rodina is a fellow blog focusing on all things Ariadna. In particual those crazy Kazaks. If you follow his blog you will get some awesome articles about every faction from his various guest writers. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter. He is also in the Infinity forums under the same name.

Infinity the PDX

Infinity the PDX is a community space for all things Infinty in the Portland Oregon Metro area. They post all of the upcoming events for all of the stores in the area and they also feature the bloggers that live in the area. There are a few of us. They also feature all of the local Facebook groups and a very neat resource page put on the by Eugene Infinity Crew.