3rd Highlander Grey Review Part 2

I am back with this weeks troop review. Today I am doing part two of the Highlander Grey. Part one can be found here. The greys are a solid unit that you will use or face often. As with all of my other part two reviews I’ve got synergies and lists to follow.


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Maakrep Tracker Troop Review

I was under the impression that each factions starter boxes came with an HI troop. In the absence of an HI, I will review the Maakrep Tracker. He is the MI trooper and available in both vanilla and the Onyx force. Let’s asses this guy and determine if he’s worth taking. A friend of mine mentioned that this was not the vanilla starter box as I previously thought. At any rate today’s review will be of the Maakrep Tracker from the Onyx Force starter pack.

Maakrep 2.jpg

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Mobile Brigada Review

This week I am moving onto the Nomads HI from the starter box. The Mobile Brigada is a solid trooper with very good armor and great stats. If you have been paying attention I have been going down the list as shown in the Army Selector so next week will be Combined Army. Click to read more on this solid Troop profile.


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Asawira Regiment Review

For a long time when I played the Hassassins. I opted out of taking any Asawira. I felt they were far too expensive when I could fill out almost twenty orders in most of the lists that I played. Why spend around forty points when I can field almost an entire link of Ghulams for that same cost? Here is a quick break down of all of their abilities and then we’ll decide if this guy is worth taking on your team.


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