My name is Scott Dyer. I’m an avid hobbyist and gamer. My intention with this site is to promote a larger sense of community between all of the gaming hobbies that I do. I plan to write regularly about the various games that I play. This blog is heavily focused on Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli, but I will on occasion write about other games that I play and feature miniatures from said games.

Miniature painting is a way of life. In this blog I hope to instill my love of the art and the fun of the game into my readers. I am currently in the process of working out the kinks of making my own videos and starting a video channel on YouTube focusing on the hobby. Check back soon for more information.

I have also set up a Patreon Page for fans to support me and my projects there. I have also set up some cool rewards and prizes for my Patreons. Check it out.

Feel free to contact me with questions requests or anything really.