Foxtrot Rangers Painting Part 1

For a long time I’ve dreaded painting camoflouge. I can do eyes, not perfectly, I can do hair, I can do details, but camo I have never been able to do it. I wanted to paint my Ariadna with camo. At first I wanted to go with a forest or desert theme, but that would be too close to the colors I’ve used for my Haqqislam. I decided to go with snow camo.

Click read more to see my step by step.

I’ve never had good luck with straight white colors so I went with a light blue color. It took two coats to cover the gray. Poor primer choice on my part.

Phase 2 was random spots all over with a dark blue color.

The third color was an electric blue. I was going to only use three colors, but after I finished here I didn’t like the look yet.

Stay tuned for part two on the foxtrot painting. I’ll be working on their faces and chests.

I added a shade of blue in between the dark and light and filled in with more random spots.

I finished the camo by added just a few highlights here and there and then I used this ink to make a wash and I washed the whole thing. I went just a little heavy to add small black spots here and there. For more variety.

I forgot to take more pictures during this next phase, but I painted the pockets shows and holsters. The left one is pre glaze and the right one is post.

In those steps I added highlights lowlights and some scratches with dark and light colors.

If you like what I’ve been doing please check out my Patreon site and support me. I appreciate the support that ive already received. You can also find me on my YouTube Channel, I haven’t posted anything on it for a while, but I’m working on my next infinity skills video.

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