USARF First Game thoughts

I finally whipped out my USARF and I’ve played two games with them. I havent had time to prime any of them yet, but i asdembled and played them over the Holiday season. I have a few preliminary thoughts and I will go over them here. Click to read more to see all my thoughts after my first two games. 

2017-12-13 18.23.01.jpg

First off these guys almost all have an armor of 3. Previously I’ve played both Haqqislam and Yu Jing, two armies not known for having high armor ratings. The core troops in US Ariadna all have an armor of 3. They can take a hit and stay standing assuming you can roll better than me.

On the other hand there are very few troops with more than one wound. If these guys do take a hit they will go unconcious. There are a few troops with dogged Sspecifically the mauraders and Van Zant. I included a hard of mauraders in both of my lists, but I was unable to use the dogged skill. 

2017-12-13 18.28.24

In both of my games I lost the majority of my troops, but I won the first game and lost the second. A portion of of those were because of poor rolls, but the other half were due to bad strategy. It had been almost six months since I have had the time to get in a game. 

The low point cost of the majority of the troops leads to larger order pools. It would be tough to construct a limited insertion list in US Ariadna because the majority of the core troops cost less than thirty points. To make a 10 model list you’d need most of your troops to cost 30 plus, but there are only 6 troop profiles with units that cost 30 plus, and in a few of those it is only one unit with a Molotok or other heavy weapon. The majority of lists will consist of more than 10 troops. Both of mine had 13 units. 

2017-12-19 18.52.25

I can already tell that US Ariadna will be a blast to play. I always go back to my beloved Haqqislam, but these guys will be a fun diversion from my usual play style. I have quite a bit to learn about their skills and loading options.

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