D&D miniature painting. 

I’m going to be playing in a new D&D campaign so I had to get a new miniature to use. This will be my character for the campaign. The miniature is just called Elf Druid by reaper miniatures. 

I did this paint job as a speed paint. From start to finish I spent 2 hours on her. It’s not my best work, but it was fun to paint. I usually spend way too much time on miniatures. Painting and repainting them trying to get them exactly perfect, with this miniature I decided to set a two hour time limit. Click to read more to see my progression. 

2018-01-07 10.35.19

I first started with her skin and the leather armor. I did them both the same color and planned on darkening the leather for more contrast with washes and glazes. It did not darken as much as I had planned. 

2018-01-06 19.25.56

I did her eyes pretty early one and noticed that the mold for the casting of the miniature was not as detailed on the left side of her face. I had to file it down just a bit and prime that spot over again. 

2018-01-06 19.45.18

This was how her skin and leather turned out. It was way too similar. I decided I likes the olive akin color and I decided to darken the armor even more. 

2018-01-06 19.59.50

Then I had to darken it even more. I repainted it darker and had to highlight and shade it all over again, but I was happy with the contrast now.

2018-01-06 20.30.57

After this point I had spent most of my two hours up and I wanted to finish her quickly so I painted some accent colors highlighted her scarf just a bit and added some purple and green colors as an accent. 

2018-01-07 10.35.30

I finished by spending about 20 minutes on her hair. I wanted her to have auburn hair, but the colors I chose were very bright. It ended up looking reddish with hot pink highlights. I took a risk and washed her hair with s sepia tone and it turned out auburnish. I’m pretty happy with how she turned out in a quick paint job. 

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