Devil Dogs

It has been about six months since I’ve built any miniatures, but I really do not remember it being this difficult. I spent part of the afternoon assembling the Devil Dogs, and let me tell you it was rough. The hand with the dagger for the Devil Dog did not want to stay in place no matter how long I held it. Here area  few pics of my assembly.


This is the antipode post cleanup and pre assembly. He was fairly easy except his face did not want to stay in place. The two jaw pieces are pictures just to the left of the torso. I kept checking back and noticing that the jaw was not aligned right so I’d pull them off and put them back on and hold, but inevitably my fingers were covered in glue at that point. I’d move the jaw just slightly when I was trying to let go and then I’d have to start over because it was not aligned any longer.

Pictured here is the Devil Dog with his infuriating hand with the dagger. It looks like a dagger for him, but if any other model were holding that same size weapon it would be either a sword or short sword. In my personal life I’ve been very busy and I have multiple hobbies that I attempt to balance. I feel like when I paint I bite off more than I can chew, but at the same time I purchase way more than I can paint.


My goal for now is to work on at max 4 models at a time and finish them. When I’ve painted my armies in the past I’ve painted almost 15 models at a time. Working on all their faces, and then all their chests and pants and so forth. It would take me so long to get through a group of miniatures that I would get burnt out.

I also have other hobbies that I do not want to ignore. I DM a pathfinder campaign and I am going to join a D&D 5e group next month. I am also working on a novel that I am very happy with, but I do not want to give up on anything. I may have too many hobbies. Anyway, balance in all things. I am going to strive to put time into all of my hobbies equally in an attempt not to get burnt out on any of them.

Here is the final build on these guys. I had to do some filing on the base of the antipode to get him to sit right. My plan right now is to build my whole Ariadna army….It’s a lot…Then I am going to paint them about 2-4 at a time. Maybe 5 for the groups such as mauraders and grunts.

I wonder if there is a group of Miniature Enthusiasts Anonymous. Centered around those of us that buy miniatures faster than we can assemble and pain them. Corvus Belli is notorious for designing such beautiful miniatures that it becomes so hard to resist the urge to purchase them.

Be sure to subscribe to my site here, and if you like what I’ve been doing here and want to help support me you can find me on Patreon here. Let’s get the conversation started. Comment with your methods to keep track of orders. As always have fun enjoying our great hobby.

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