US Ariadna Army Pack

After a brief hiatus I’m back. A few months back I picked up enough Ariadna miniatures to fill a small suitcase from my pal Joe at Fate and Fury Games. Always support your local shop first. This brings my army count up to four, Haqqislam, Nomads, Yu Jing and now Ariadna. I may have a problem. I think it would be easier to hold myself back if Corvus Belli would stop making their miniatures so purchasable.

After doing some research I realized I could have built s slightly more optimised list if I went with blisters and the four troop boxes. I ultimately decided to get this army pack because of the limited edition dismounted Maverick girl. She is both a beautiful model. I love the headband around her head. I’m not sure what to do with that yet, but something will come to me. She serves as a great model for the Forward Observer loadout for the Maverick, but she would also make a great HVT for any army.


The Army Pack had a bunch of the units that I wanted to get eventually, plus the bonus of one maurader and one minuteman. With those two units it brings my count to five each with the 4 man blister pack for each of those guys. That way I can run a five man fireteam of each unit if I choose. By the way, I purchased both of those packs as well so I should be set. As I said before, I could most likely fill a small suitcase with all the boxes of Ariadna stuff I have just waiting to be assembled and painted.

So far all I’ve done with the box is open it and file all the miniatures down. They are ready to assemble. I wont be able to play with my local guys next week. It’s unfortunate when work gets in the way of playtime. I will though definitely be a part of the league starting next month. Oh and Fate and Fury has a tournament coming up on the 20th of January. I will be there with my new Adriana in tow. That means I will most likely loose because I will be very new with these guys but it will be fun and that’s why we’re all here anyway.

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