Pathfinder Adventures

I started out with the Pre-made campaign of Rise of the Runelords, but the further I read into it the less I wanted to use it, but I did use the start that they suggested, but I changed just about everything from there.




Elena – Human Female Paladin of Desna. She was recently sent by her Paladin Templar to investigate the Death of a Cleric in Sandpoint. She wields a warhammer and carries a few throwing hammers.

Fracture – Half-Elf Male Monk. Sent to this town by his abbot on rumors of a local witch terrorizing the town. He was instructed verify if there is really a witch and report back so that they can send in more help to remove him or her. He carries shurikans.

Voza – Gnome Female Oracle. She is an NPC created to help the group. Her story will come out later.

Story Part 1

We did not have our whole party for our first session so they will join us later, but for now that is the cast of characters until the next session.

The Party was each given a different reason for being in Sandpoint for the beginning of the story, but was brought together during the attack.

The party all arrived at Sandpoint at different times, but they were all present at the Solstice festival in the town center where the temple of Desna is being constructed. Earlier in the day the players noticed children putting on dragon costumes and parading in groups around town. At the festival the Mayor and the Local Baron and his wife welcomed the everyone to the festival and spoke briefly about the new temple and introduced the new Cleric and Paladin who were going to reside there for a time during construction.

The dwarf took the podium and charged through introducing himself and his human companion. At this time the Paladin up on the front of the congregation noticed that the dragons dancing around had different costumes on than before. As did the monk who was currently eating a meat pie near the clothes shop watching the speeches. The paladin detected evil and discovered a malicious presence in the crowd coming from the the dragons.

After that he heard a loud scream and saw a woman fall to the ground dead. The dwarf leapt from the stage and began muscling his way through the crowd attempting to get into melee range. The monk ran forward and threw a shurikan missing one of the creatures. The paladin ran forward off the stage as well and identified that the assailants were four goblins. The goblins continued killing civilians in the town center running around catching who they could.

The crowd began to scatter in all directions in mass chaos and panic. The goblins in the crowd proceeded to kill more fleeing citizens. They seemed not to notice the heroes rushing in to save the day.

The monk flew into the fray and lunged forward with a flying knee to the face of the nearest goblin. Blood sprayed the panicking crowd as a loud crack of bones smashing filled the air. A small gnome rushed in and threw and spear, but missed wildly. The dwarf advanced raising his ax, but he was unable to strike the goblin. The fight progressed from there more goblins joining the fight as the heroes struggled to take down the onslaught of goblins.

When they thinned down the group of goblins they saw the mayor, the baron and his wife under attack by a goblin commander and his dog plus a few other goblins. The commander wore a dented pot on his head as a helmet and he stood just barely taller than the rest of the goblins.

The goblins fell, but the commander struck hard at the mayor dropping him to the ground bleeding. The baron’s wife was struck by his dog slicer attached to a stick in a crude polearm of sorts and she fell to the ground.

The cleric killed the dog in two hits while the Paladin took blow after blow from the goblins. The Monk in the group walked around smashing the skulls of each goblin in the group. The monk easily killed 10 of the 12 goblins total that were encountered in the session.

Play of the game was the final hit on the commander. The paladin struck hard and landed a critical hit. Elena struck the pot on the goblins head straight on the handle and performed the vanishing handle trick shoving the piece of metal deep into the goblin’s brain.

The rest of the session the players looted corpses and found an inn to rest at. They also discovered that this inn may be a thieves den and that the mayor knows about it and is doing nothing.

At this point they had a meal at the inn with the baron, his wife, and the mayor. The mayor asked them to investigate the attack. They were told that the graveyard was looted and he wants them to uncover why. The Baron’s wife asked them to meet her at their home for a meal and a reward for saving them.

They are skeptical of the Baron’s wife, who recently married him and she is far more beautiful than he would normally be able to attract. She also bore more wounds that were not healed and she seemed to shrug them off lightly.

I decided to level them up to level 2 after this. I want to speed up their progression for a few levels until they can start encountering harder enemies and taking a few hits before dying.

On the next part they will decided to either

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