Pathfinder Adventures

It has begun. After too long of a hiatus I am back playing a pen and paper RPG. This time I am in the Dungeon Master’s seat. I’ve played as the DM before in different games, but never for Dungeons and Dragons or any game of its like. I previously was the Game Master for a Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.


Our group will only meet once a month or so, but it will still be awesome. I will write up in narrative form their adventures and misadventures. I may even share some of my planned stories and encounters. This blog is not focused on D&D, but on occasion I will write on the subject.

The group thus far is composed of a male Half Elf Monk, a male Elf Rouge, a female Half Elf Paladin, a male Gnome sorcerer, and a female gnome Druid. We are going to start at level 1 and adventure from there. Since we only meet once a month I am going to level up the players every session for the first three sessions, but after that I will determine again how fast I want them to advance.

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