Tech Priest Dominus Painting

Welcome to the first post in my Tech Priest Dominus Painting. I am very excited to paint this guy up. Coming from Infinity the Game Warhammer 40k miniatures feel huge. I’m hoping that my abilities with painting have improved since the last time I painted Warhammer over 15 years ago. Let’s get started. Click read more to see the progression of this guy.

2017-06-25 21.02.04.jpg

I decided against the standard red color scheme and I went with purple. I haven’t decided on armor and highlight colors yet, but for now purple is going to be the major color. This was just the base coat on his cloak.

2017-06-27 21.56.01

The thing I did was paint a light gray on all of the cables and legs on his lower torso. I am going to finish his lower half and then work on the upper half. It’s just kinda the way I paint miniatures. I start from the shoes and work my way up the miniature.

2017-07-02 14.21.35.jpg

The next step was to add a wash in all of the ridges both on the cloak and on the cables and metal spike feet things. What even are those? If anyone knows please tell me.

2017-07-02 20.04.33

I painted the pressure gauge thing white.

2017-07-09 15.12.12

I added a golden metallic band across all of the cables and on the round portions of his feet claw things. Seriously what are those?

2017-07-09 15.26.45

The last step tonight was to paint the ends of each cable a dark brown. I am going to highlight and perhaps change this, but for now. It works as a great dark base coat. I may do a chipping or rusting effect. We’ll see how it goes.

2017-07-09 16.11.51.jpg

That’s all for this post, but if you like what I’ve been doing please check out my Patreon site and support me so I can continue to dedicate my time to making this content. To my fans that play Infinity, don’t worry I’m still playing infinity regularly as my main game, but I want to get back into 40k.

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