Order Etiquette

We have all played a game where we lost track if the number of orders we’ve spent in a turn. This happens on occasion, but it can be very frustrating for your opponent. It is the worst when it happens in a tournament. What can be done to prevent it and what should you do if you find yourself in this situation. Let’s start the conversation. Click to read more and comment with your thoughts on the subject. 


Let’s Keep Track Of Orders

There are many different right ways to do this, but I will go over two of them. The most important thing is that you find something that works for you and also that you stay diligent keeping track of the orders that you have spent. First off it’s very important to organize your orders so you easily know how many you have for each combat group. A great recommendation for irregular and impetuous orders is to place them near their corresponding unit so don’t confuse who get which order. 


Now lets move onto order tracking. A good friend of mine has a stark white background to each of his order tokens. At the beginning of each game he lays out the tokens for all his regular, irregular and impetuous orders. When he begins his turn he counts his troops and flips all the relevant tokens face up and leaves the rest with the white side facing up. It is a quick way for him to identify a couple of things. He know how many troops he’s lost because he keeps those orders there, but flipped upside down. It is also clear to his opponent the number of orders and which combat group they belong to.

2017-07-05 14.02.33.jpg

The next way I am going to go over is for players with tokens that do not have a different back side from the front side. After counting and sorting orders diligently, this next method simply involves placing your orders next to the troop you spent it on. After your turn you will have tokens all over your table. This method makes it very easy to identify where orders were spent through the turn. This comes in handy if ever there is a question about the number of orders spent. 

2017-07-05 14.02.52.jpg

The two previous pictures show an example of that style of order tracking. It tells a quick story as well. It took the Ghulam three orders to advance and kill the keisotsu. A big advantage of this style is it will also help you reflect on your turn with a clear map of what orders were spent on whom.

How Many Orders Have I Used?

This is a situation that you do not want to be in, but If you ever find yourself in a situation where you and your opponent are unsure or even disagree with the number of orders left in the order pool what should you do? From both of the perspectives here it is very important to remember that you are just playing a game. Are really fun and oftentimes very competitive game, but a game nonetheless. Do not get upset or riled up.



First off try really hard not to get upset. This is just a game and you are just trying to blow off steam and enjoy yourself with some friendly competition. Mistakes happen. State your concern simply and ask if you can both count the actions taken to make sure they line up with the orders spent.


If you are being accused of this you need to walk a fine line. At first you do not know if you have spent them all or not. Do not get upset or angry. Do not argue or get defensive. Simply state something along the lines of, “Let’s count my actions and make sure I didn’t make a mistake.” From there just do that. Go through with your opponent what orders were spent and what actions taken. If it turns out you did indeed make a mistake, apologize and move on.

One huge tip on this part. When you are going through your actions say them out loud. Don’t just stare at the table while you think about it. Keep the other player involved. The other person is trying not to get upset too.

This game is a blast to play and at the end of the day we are all just trying to have fun. Try an enjoy losing as well as winning. Learn what you can from your opponents and refine your strategy. 

Be sure to subscribe to my site here, and if you like what I’ve been doing here and want to help support me you can find me on Patreon here. Let’s get the conversation started. Comment with your methods to keep track of orders. As always have fun enjoying our great hobby. 


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