Battle Kiwi Holo Billboard Bench Set Review

This week I am reviewing The Holo Billboard Bench Set made by Battle Kiwi. A New Zealand terrain and accessories company. The piece can be purchased over here. This was just recently released about a month ago and I was very excited to receive mine.

2017-06-18 13.50.13.jpg

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The Holo Billboard is one of those pieces that add so much flavor to a table. It looks fantastic and serves it’s purpose of blocking line of sight, but more than that this piece makes a setting come to life. There were a number of options available for the billboard but I liked the Voodo Tech one the best. Check it out on Battle Kiwi to see all of the options available.

2017-06-18 13.49.35.jpg


The benches are placed on opposite sides and the slot in between the others is perfect for some shrubbery. In the picture on their site it displays the billboard with some greenery, but it does not ship with any. Not really a con, just something to be aware of.

The other option available are various colors for the billboard itself. Blue, green and red are the options. I chose green to add some more contrast to the bright oranges and reds that I’ve used on my table so far.


The billboard set was very easy to build. As far as painting it the pre masking done on all of the Battle Kiwi terrain makes it so simple to get a good design going. My only complain with construction was that the corner pieces fit in very snugly and a few of them would not sit down all the way. I did not want to force them and risk breaking something.

2017-06-18 13.50.37.jpg

The lighting mechanism is simple. It requires a few triple A batteries and away you go. I did not secure it in with any screws or glue it down when I build mine and the lights wiggle around just a little, but it is encased in the terrain piece so it will not wiggle it’s way off.



Battle Kiwi does not disappoint with the Holo Billboard. This piece not functions as a LOS blocker, but as a great center point to any table. The billboard would fit nicely on any table from any manufacturer. It add great flavor and feel to a table. Do not hesitate this one is a great purchase.

2017-06-18 13.51.12.jpg


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