Neko Oyama Painting Part 5

I’ve been doing a bit of work on Neko Oyama lately. I forgot to take a before picture when I just had him primed, but I will go over the steps I’ve done so far. Before this point I did a base coat of the blue and added a few highlight and lowlight shades and a wash to make the angles and ridges stand out. I then added white on all the ridges to make them stand out.

2017-04-15 14.40.58

Between these two pictures I did only three things. I added a glaze to make the teal just a little more blue. I added the base coat to his gun and underarms and inner thigh. I then did the first accent color on his shin guard belt and on the outside of his boots.

His color scheme will be very similar to the Domaru Butai that I recently finished, but I am still debating on the thigh pad and jacket colors. I may do a design on his thigh pads, but I’m not sure yet. I have time to think about it. Leave a comment on your ideas or let me know what you’ve done on your own minis.

2017-04-16 21.18.51

The next step was to base coat his jacket red. Normally I go from lowest part of the Miniature to highest as far as details go. Not lowest in regards to height. I mean lowest part of the miniature texture in regards to texture, but I wanted to get the jacket done because I thought a glaze might spill over onto his knee pads.

2017-04-23 20.03.49

The next step was to add a wash to all of the recessed parts of his cloak. I went heavier on the water than normal because I wanted his jacket to end up brighter than I have been painting the pants for Yojimbo. You can check it out there for reference.

2017-04-23 21.38.38

2017-04-23 21.38.43

Next I base coated his face and did his eyes. This is an old sculpt and it is not as highly detailed as some of the newer ones, but I did the best I could here.

2017-04-26 21.39.26.jpg

Next I did a dark brown wash in the lines of his jacket to make it look more worn out.

2017-04-26 21.40.51.jpg

Next I added my first highlight layer to the jacket. I wanted a major contrast in the colors.

2017-05-07 20.48.07.jpg

The last thing I did on him tonight was to add some white highlights on all of the raised portions. It may have come out a bit more heavy handed than I normally prefer. I’ll have to come back and touch it up so that it is more in line with how I like it.

2017-05-07 21.02.22.jpg

I really didn’t like how his coat looked so I started over. I went back over all of the highlights and did them over in a reddish color. I then added a medium brown color to his hair.

2017-05-14 13.33.38.jpg

Next I painted his thigh guards a bright white color.

2017-05-14 14.09.55.jpg

I’ve got these thigh guards into a great position to paint a cool design or make a stencil to put on there, but I haven’t decided yet what I want to do with that. I’ll think about it this week and decide on something later.

2017-05-21 20.51.14.jpg

The last thing I did on him was to paint some low lights of a dark brown on the underside of all of the spikey bits of his hair and a highlight on all of the upper sides of the spikes. This added a bit more depth to his hair.

2017-06-11 16.52.58

Next I did a wash on his thigh guards to make them look dirtier.

2017-06-11 17.10.07.jpg

I added an orange highlight around his thigh guards to make they framed and look better.

2017-06-11 17.13.20I painted the straps on the sides brown and finished them off with a gold button on each one.

2017-06-12 19.51.03

2017-06-12 20.26.35.jpg

I finished today by painting the base coat on his Blade and on the hilts. I started white. I may add a colored shade on the hilts or just a dark brown to make them look weathered too. Currently they are too similar to the thigh guards, but I’ll change them shortly.

The next few pictures are my process of the leather for both his holster and his scabbard.

2017-06-18 21.25.24

2017-06-18 21.35.10.jpg

2017-06-18 21.48.38.jpg
2017-06-18 21.54.59

I finished it off with a glaze to blend the colors a bit better. The next step will be to do an accent color for the string around the top part of the scabbard. He’s getting very close to finished.  All I really need to do to finish him is to touch up his gun and do some highlights and extra colors. I need to do some highlighting on his blade and a wash on the hilt to make the contours stand out more.

If you like what I’ve been doing then support me on my patreon site. A special Shout out goes to Frank Washburn and Arom Schults.

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