Battle Kiwi Watch Tower and Transport Shelter Review

This week I am reviewing both the watch tower and the transport shelter. They can both be found over at the Battle Kiwi Website here. These products are designed and produced over at Battle Kiwi. They are a New Zealand based terrain company. The watch tower is pictured below. Click to read the rest of my review of these two awesome terrain pieces.

2017-04-29 20.34.35.jpg

Alpha City Watchtower

First things first, these towers look amazing. They follow the same design as all of the other terrain I’ve reviewed. This piece though took a bit more effort to put together than any other terrain piece in the Alpha City line so far. It looks gorgeous, but this one takes a bit more effort than the others.

2017-04-29 20.34.48.jpg

One of the things that stood out to me right off the bat was that there is a small ledge on either side of the tower roof. That is plenty tall enough to provide cover for a prone sniper up there. This building has great utility. You cannot see it in these pictures, but you can enter the lower section of the tower as well

2017-04-29 20.35.19.jpg

Small details like the little computer on the tower make the piece stand out. Those little things are important to tell the story of the terrain. One last comment on the watchtower is that it can connect with a small bridge to any of the Alpha City buildings of the same height.

The watchtower is awesome and looks great, but there are so many different watch towers out there. This one stands out for some of the cool acrylic pieces and the computer at the top.

Transport Shelter

This is my favorite building in his Alpha City line. It looks so unique, but at the same time it is so mundane. It really tells the story of the Alpha city. This place is lived in. It has bus stops. These bus stops are large and they are covered. It must rain in the Alpha City and public transportation must be pretty important to these guys. Most tables are just filled with building and boxes and they feel devoid of life. This set piece here makes the Alpha city come to life.

2017-04-29 20.36.28.jpg

Onto the actual review. It just looks awesome. The clear acrylic for the whole piece is something I haven’t seen done by any other terrain company. The etched designs in the side look amazing.

2017-04-29 20.37.05.jpg

I do have to say that in all the terrain that I have built from Battle Kiwi this is the only one that gave me difficulty. I will caution you to be very careful with the acrylic. One of mine not pictured here cracked during assembly and I had to super glue it back together. The glue clouded the acrylic a little, but it still looks great. It actually makes it look worn out.

2017-04-29 20.37.27.jpg


Both of these terrain pieces need to be in your collection. The Transport shelter is such a  unique building it can be used alongside any table you are putting together. There is nothing out there quite like it. The Watchtower is a similar design to many other towers out there, but it is still a solid piece of terrain.

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