Yojimbo Painting Part 8

This format is different than what I’ve previously done. I am going to be adding a progression of my work throughout until it becomes one long post with all the steps from start to finish.

I have moved onto painting the dismounted model and rider. I have also decided to do these a little different than I was previously doing. I took a few more pictures along the way and I will explain what I was working on. You will see more pictures and more explanation of what I was doing along the way. You can find the finished bike here.

2017-04-14 21.35.16

After priming the miniature, I applied a base coat of red and added a wash and some highlights and lowlights. I’m this next picture you’ll see that it looks pretty gnarly and bright pink. Bear with it because in the next step some magic happens.

2017-04-16 20.33.48.jpg

After making him look horrible I add a glaze that is a mixture of Vallejo red and just a tiny bit of black. That stuff is strong so be careful. I applied it without diluting it at all.

2017-04-16 21.18.06.jpg

Next I touched up the red just a little by doing the base color just a little on the flat surfaces that darkened just a little too much. This just helped the pants have a more even color.

2017-04-23 19.43.33

Lastly I touched the highlights just a little on all the raised corners. It was mostly just to go over a few spots that dulled out just a little too much after my glaze from last time. And finally I added just a little orange on his shoes. The orange is what looks like a metal plate or something. I also did the straps around his boots off of the plate orange. I added a wash to give the shape of the shoe a bit more texture. I may have to add just a little more wash it doesn’t look like it took very deeply.

2017-04-23 21.38.20

In the next step I simply base coated his face and made his eyes white.

2017-04-26 21.37.54.jpg

I next painted his eyes a dark blue color. The picture didn’t focus as well on his eyes as I thought it had. Sorry about that.

2017-05-07 20.00.18.jpg

The next step was to add some highlights and low lights to his face. This was to accent his cheekbones and angular features. I did a slight highlight on his lips because I didn’t want to do a color change for them.

2017-05-07 20.55.17.jpg

That was all that I had time for this time around, but I’m happy with how his face looks and I will move onto finishing the details of his pants next and then onto his jacket. I have no idea what color to use yet. I can’t use blue since it will be the same color as his bike. I need to throw in another color. Perhaps orange.

Stay tuned.


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