Neko Oyama Painting Part 2

I’ve been doing a bit of work on Neko Oyama lately. I forgot to take a before picture when I just had him primed, but I will go over the steps I’ve done so far. Before this point I did a base coat of the blue and added a few highlight and lowlight shades and a wash to make the angles and ridges stand out. I then added white on all the ridges to make them stand out.

2017-04-15 14.40.58

Between these two pictures I did only three things. I added a glaze to make the teal just a little more blue. I added the base coat to his gun and underarms and inner thigh. I then did the first accent color on his shin guard belt and on the outside of his boots.

His color scheme will be very similar to the Domaru Butai that I recently finished, but I am still debating on the thigh pad and jacket colors. I may do a design on his thigh pads, but I’m not sure yet. I have time to think about it. Leave a comment on your ideas or let me know what you’ve done on your own minis.

2017-04-16 21.18.51

The next step was to base coat his jacket red. Normally I go from lowest part of the Miniature to highest as far as details go. Not lowest in regards to height. I mean lowest part of the miniature texture in regards to texture, but I wanted to get the jacket done because I thought a glaze might spill over onto his knee pads.

2017-04-23 20.03.49

The next step was to add a wash to all of the recessed parts of his cloak. I went heavier on the water than normal because I wanted his jacket to end up brighter than I have been painting the pants for Yojimbo. You can check it out there for reference.

2017-04-23 21.38.38

2017-04-23 21.38.43

Check back next week. I’ll be adding all of the highlights and low-lights to the miniature. to make the folds stand out. I may go pretty dramatic on the color change and have it go almost white at the top. If it just turns out too pink then I may scrub that later.

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