Comm Tower Review

I’m back with my next review of terrain purchased over at Battle Kiwi.  They are a New Zealand based company and they produce some awesome terrain for both sci-fi or fantasy games. I purchased a bit of their sci-fi stuff and previously reviewed the Alpha City and the Objective Room. This weeks review is of the Comm Tower. You can find the product here.

Comm Tower_Battle Kiwi


The design of the building is very functional. The shape is nice because although it is not as big as the Control Room it will still block a decent amount of sight through the table. Adding some of the shrubbery in front of the building in a square design and you can make a little courtyard of sorts in front of the Comm Tower.

2017-04-18 20.12.18.jpg

Before I go on that is a great picture of the laser etching that Battle Kiwi does on the door panels. It is etched just enough so you can put a little color into it and make the acrylic look just like a keypad. Since they are pre-masked off. Making that keypad took exactly a few brush strokes to finish.

The doors in this building are designed differently than those used in the Control Room. They look like doors from a vault and have a cool futuristic appeal. Their functionality is pretty simple. The inside portion stick up and down just slightly longer than the opening and you fit a hinge around those to hold it in place. For the first few times opening the door, it sticks just slightly, but it gets easier after a few games.

2017-04-18 20.12.50.jpg

The Comm tower is designed as in an “L” shaped and fits nicely on any board. Three of the corners are the same acrylic rounded corners as the Control room. My only complaint with this design was that there are only two walls on the inside that do not have the same style as the outside ones. That part alone is fine, but I didn’t know I needed to paint them until I had almost built the whole room. I before putting in the two inside walls pictured below and spray painted them white real quick so they would match better.

2017-04-18 20.13.12.jpg


The doors pictured above are easy to assemble and they look fantastic. I forgot to take a picture of it, but this building fits nicely on top of the Control room. If you wanted to make a three story building with those two it is very easy.

The Comm Tower has the same roof hatch as the Control Room and it works nicely as a way to get up to the higher elevation easily. The railing was easy to install, but I had to be careful while pressing them down. I was afraid I’d break them. They are fairly thin.

2017-04-18 20.13.43.jpg

This building is accessible. You can climb all the way up. Although that would take at least three or four order to get all the way from the bottom to the top by declaring all Move+Move. The hatch from the ground floor to the first level roof is the same as the Control Room, but the ladder to the roof just looks amazing. Even if you combine the Control Room with the Comm Tower you can still climb all the way up because of those roof hatches.

2017-04-18 20.15.24.jpg

The second story room is also accessible and has open windows. The two corner windows give great accessibility for your snipers to draw line of fire.

2017-04-18 20.15.32.jpg

I decided to leave the interior walls white. Since it is a small room it gets dark so I wanted to brighten it up so I can see the miniatures in there better.

2017-04-18 20.14.42.jpg


This building is beautiful. The doors look very cool The acrylic walls at the top of the tower are an awesome detail. The vents that you can slightly see through. This building just looks gorgeous. It takes almost no effort to make these building look great. Even out of the box white the building has character. Adding just a little color makes it stand out so well.

2017-04-18 20.15.54.jpg

I also want to point out that the acrylic “N” sign has depth to it. In the picture it doesn’t stand out very well, but it comes with an extra N so you can glue another one on top and make it have a little depth.


Add this to your collection. It is such a unique building. There is nothing out there quite like it. The shape and feel of it are so cool. This building makes a great center or just off center building for any table. Do yourself a favor and go buy one already.

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