Battle Kiwi Objective Room Review

I’m back with my next review of terrain purchased over at Battle Kiwi.  They are a New Zealand based company and they produce some awesome terrain for both sci-fi or fantasy games. I purchased a bit of their sci-fi stuff and previously reviewed the Alpha City here. Check back next week to see my review of the Comm Tower.

This weeks review is of the Objective Room. Many scenarios require a room of specific dimensions with a door on each side. This is Battle Kiwi’s answer to that requirement for Infinity the Game. You can find this piece of terrain here. I was very pleased with this building for a number of reasons. Click read more to see the full article.


2017-04-15 21.18.08


Specifically in this building Battle Kiwi designed some awesome looking acrylic pieces. The first part I am going to discuss are these doors. The keypads look great and the doors are so cool. When they are closed it says “Access Denied” and as pictured below it says “Access Granted” when opened.

2017-04-15 14.46.14

The design of these is similar to all of their other pieces. The acrylic is lazer cut and pre-masked so painting just the recessed portions of the words and dials on the keypad took minutes. Their design makes it so simple to make a table look great with little to no effort.

2017-04-15 14.46.35

I should mention that in some of these pictures there are small discoloration to the white parts of the MDF. This was caused during the laser cutting process. They pre-prime the MDF then laser cut it and you will find some small parts where the MDF has a small burn mark. It is easy to paint over and remove, but It should be noted that you will find that on occasion.



The design of this building is pretty similar to other buildings from other companies, but the rules in the game are pretty specific on how this building is supposed to be designed. Battle Kiwi’s objective room stands out greatly among the other options available for a few reasons.

The first part is the doors. Not only are they gorgeous, but the walls are actually made up of three pieces. The acrylic door sits in the middle of the front and backside and has a slider attached to the top. Opening and closing the door is very easy. You can see the tab to slide the door open and closed here at the top of the door. It is not obtrusive and and it matches the theme of the building. Sliding the door open or closed mid game does not require you to pick up the room and move it around. You simply slide the lever.

2017-04-15 14.47.12

Most of the competition has a door attachment that you remove with it has been opened. That works just fine, but pairing the gorgeous looking door with simple utility makes it so much more convenient to use.

I should note that the green I chose for this one did not cover very well. In the future I am going to add another coat, unfortunately I will have to brush it on since I have taken off the masking. Oops. My fault.

The next feature of utility is the hatch on the roof. I’ve seen hatches done in a variety of ways and this one is very well put together. The mechanism to hold it in place is simple, but where this stands out above the rest is that the roof actually has a hanging ladder attached to it. Allowing easy access to the roof of the building. That is if the scenario for the game does not state that the building goes straight up into the sky forever.

2017-04-15 14.49.05

2017-04-15 14.48.53




The objective room is required to look a certain way, but Battle Kiwi went above and beyond to make this feel unique and styled right along with the rest of their Alpha City style. All of the corners are built out of a rounded acrylic piece. It adds a very unique feel to the objective room. The fact that the walls have a front and back piece both sides are masked off. This makes it simple to paint up the inside and out of this building.

2017-04-15 14.49.45

As I mentioned in the review of the Alpha City, it is almost effortless to make this terrain look good. I did a simple three tone color scheme on this building and I painted the whole thing in one sitting.



The objective room is a staple on many Infinity tables. We have all seen so many different versions of the same thing. Most look very similar to each other. This is my favorite design of an objective room. There are many great options to add an objective room to your table, but this one with its great utility paired with awesome aesthetics make it stand way above the rest.

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