Battle Kiwi: Alpha City Review

For the next few weeks I will be doing some reviews on some terrain I purchased over at Battle Kiwi.  They are a New Zealand based company and they produce some awesome terrain for any sci-fi or fantasy game. I am reviewing some of their Sci Fi stuff found here. Check back next week for my review of their Objective room.

Today’s review is on the Alpha City. This is the staple of their sci-fi table. Their table combo pack comes with three sets of these and they look good. I should note that the pictured planter is a separate pack and not included, but I just had to add it here because it looks awesome.

2017-04-10 20.32.55


I will go over more thoroughly the exceptional design of all of Battle Kiwi’s MDF terrain in an upcoming video on my YouTube channel, but on this I will focus on the Alpha City.

The design is simple, but it works nicely. These building do exactly what you want, they fill the table with buildings of varying heights. Battle Kiwi’s other buildings look much nicer, but you don’t need that level of design for all of your buildings. At some point you just need to fill the table and these do that nicely.

2017-04-10 20.35.07

The stairwells are easy to assemble and are very sturdy once glued into place. The ladders and bridges slide into place perfectly. It’s not too tight to remove, but they do not wiggle around once in place. All in all it was very easy to build these houses. Once painted it took just a few hours to assemble the whole set.


Where the Battle Kiwi design stands out above the rest is the design of the bridges and ladders. At the end of the day it is hard to go wrong with the cookie cutter buildings that fill most of our Infinity tables, but Battle kiwi’s design of bridges and ladders make them stand out above the competition.

I’ve played on some styles of terrain where the bridges just sit precariously on the edge of the building. These inevitably fall off at least five times during a game. As I previously mentioned with their design the rest very snugly into place and do not move at all.

The bridges are very wide. In any other table I’ve played on bridges barely fit any S3 model which is fine, but you can fit a TAG on the Battle Kiwi bridge. Not a necessity for play, but it definitely gives some awesome potential scenarios. Bikers crossing a bridge. Although a small thing it is actually pretty cool. Pardon the picture of my unpainted tag. It will be featured in upcoming paint table slide shows.

2017-04-10 20.31.36.jpg

The ladders are where this set really shines. They look pretty standard, but each ladder comes with an insert the size of an S2 model. It works very simply by sticking into the ladder and hanging the unit onto a specific spot on the ladder. I’ve been in many games where we just say, “Let’s just remember that this guy is halfway up the ladder.” It is such a simple design and it works very well. Although you don’t get cover while hanging on a ladder you can with these place your guy in a more strategic location if this is the perfect ARO angle that you wanted.

2017-04-10 20.31.29


I will go over the ease with which this terrain is painted in my upcoming video as I mentioned previously, and I will focus solely on the Alpha City pieces and leave the review of the company and laser cutting style to the end of this three-week series of reviews.

The laser cut acrylic pieces fit in nicely and break up the static MDF feel of the design. It really stands out on the keypads. They are laser etched to have all the buttons and dials. All it took was a quick coat of black in there and it made the buttons pop. My photo did not capture it very well so I will take another one later and add it to my next review.


The Alpha City pieces are great. They look good, assemble easily and function awesome. The ladders and bridges are fantastic. In a previous game I pulled out a motorcycle from a panoply on top of a building, but was unable to drive it around because it didn’t fit anywhere. Now I can drive motorcycles around the tops of my buildings.

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