Ectros Regiment Review

This is the final week of this part of the series where I review the HI troops that come in the vanilla starter packs for each faction. This review is of the Ectros. In the lore the Ectros Regiment is the oldest heavy infantry unit still active in the Tohaa Trident. Their name has significance in their language as well it refers to the E mathematical constant and refers to them always being successful. Click to read more to see my review of the unit.


Skills and Stats

Symbiont Armour – This skill gives the trooper two profiles. One with the armor active and one without. While the armor is active you have increased armor and stats. Losing all of your wounds brings you down the second profile for the model. Slightly weaker, but still solid. Usually with all of the ARM and BTS removed. It also gives a +3 modifier to pass a regeneration or AutoMedkit check to come back to life.

Fireteam Triad – Allows the formation of mixed fireteam units as long as they all possess the fireteam triad skill.

Kinematika L1 – The trooper benefits from a +1 inch move to both dodge and engage.

V. Courage – This skill allows the player to choose the outcome of the guts roll required after taking a wound or passing an armor save. It also allows the model to ignore the rules of retreat acting normally until the end of the game.

Ectros Regiment.png

Load Outs

With the boost of symbiont armor the starting stat line if the Ectros Regiment is very solid. The BS is one of the lowest for HI troops I’ve reviewed thus far, but with essentially 3 wounds counting the Symboiant armor levels he will survive more hits than any we’ve gone over.

After losing symbiont armor the model looses kinematica level 1 and the stat line lowers dramatically, but he keeps all other skills and equipment. This reduction brings the trooper more in line with LI stats. Do not discredit it though. The model is still standing and able to generate orders and react in ARO.

Perhaps the best skill they possess is the Fireteam Triad skill. This allows so many options for strategic use of the model. You can pair him with the Kumotail Bioengineer for objectives or even a Makaul so you can use Eclipse grenades to move them up the field. There really are a lot of options for composing a triad.

The HMG load out is the one you will either play against the most or bring yourself if you are playing them. He is not too expensive for an HI. He will survive well and dish out a ton of pain. Keep a doctor handy because he will get focussed. As I mentioned before just toss a cheap doctor in the triad with him and bring him back up as needed.

The Vulkan Shotgun profile is perhaps the standout addition to any fireteam triad you are creating. At 38 points he’s fairly cheap for an HI and you can bring him into decent range with his fireteam members. That vulkan shotgun is brutal. Burst two with fire damage and an impact template. That will wreck LI troops. If you are still in your Symbioant armor then you will be hitting on a 19 or less in the sweet spot of less than 8 inches. Those are great odds.

There are better lieutenant options than the Ectros LT. Even the named LT of the Ectros unit Neema Saatar makes a better Lieutenant because of her Advanced Command skill. If you do choose to take him as a lieutenant do not hold back. He’s a beast with a viral combi rifle and can take on many enemies, but the Ectros have a tendency to get focus fired because they are stronger than other units and this LT choice runs that risk.



There are a few things I really like about this sculpt and one that I don’t. Their backpacks and the tube thing connecting to their elbows is cool. Their armor plating looks like it would be very fun to paint and highlight.

My only complaint with the model is the spike on their knees. It just sticks out and does not feel natural to the rest of the sculpt. That’s my opinion. Feel free to disagree with me.

Final Thoughts

Of all the HI I’ve gone over so far, the Ectros has the most versatility because of the Fireteam Triad skill. You can pair him with so many different units. Their stat line is solid boasting with Symbioant armor some of the highest wounds in the HI lineup across all of the factions. Do yourself a favor and get yourself the HMG miniature.

Next week I will go back through and go over some lists and good pairings for each or the troops I’ve received thus far. This was per the idea I received from a forum member from the official Infinity the Game Forum.

5 thoughts on “Ectros Regiment Review

  1. Yeah, the Ectros is just a basic ARM3 BS13 shooter. But I still love him. One of the Ectros’ understated abilities is his CC insurance. CC19 with a Shock CCW and Nanopulser wards anything but an Oniwaban in CC.


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