Patreon Rewards

I’m doing a giveaway at the end of the month to two of my Patreons. I have two reward tiers set up and they are pretty cheap.  The first is for a $1 and it enters you to win a miniature of your choosing sent out to you by me. The second costs $8 and is an entry for a drawing for a box of mini’s of your choosing (excluding army boxes). I want to give back to the community for the support I’ve received so far from you guys. 

The current odds for winning the raffles are fairly good since I only have two patreons at the moment. I will announce the winners of the drawings on May 1st. 

A special thanks goes out to Frank Washburn and Arom Schultz for being my first two patreons.

The purpose for the patreon page is so that I can eventually send all the raw video out to be edited so I can produce more content regularly. I want to keep doing these videos and posting the content I’ve been working on, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Infinity the Game is the great community that we are all a part of. Get out there play some games and paint your minis.

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